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Our goal is to make your entire surgical experience from pre-op to post-op as stress free as possible.
Surgery dates are chosen taking into consideration:

  1. Length of the surgical procedure
  2. Insurance requirements for facility (Which facility participates with your insurance)
  3. Age of patient (nothing to eat or drink after midnight-youngest person first with exceptions for certain medical conditions)
  4. Family facility preference, Dr Sala performs surgery usually on Monday, Thursday, and Friday mornings

Dr. Sala performing surgery

Visit before surgery- If requested by Dr. Sala, this visit usually occurs 2-4 weeks prior to the surgery date.

  1. Patients must be present for pre-op visit
  2. Minor children require parents consent for surgery  Foster children or adults in a group home require all consents surgical and anesthesia must be signed by legal guardian or parent and returned to our office 1 week prior to surgery date.
  3. Our office notifies the Primary Care Physician of the surgery date.  Some children with history of asthma, cardiology or hematology diagnosis may need clearance from the specialist. Please notify our office of any special medical needs.
  4. Adult pre-op testing will be evaluated and scheduling orders will be given.  Blood work results are good for 30-60 days. EKG/Chest XR is good for 6 months. Results are required 1 week prior to surgery date. Patients with cardiology history, pacemaker or hematology diagnosis may need letter of clearance from the specialist. Please notify our office if any questions.

One week Post Op visits are routine for eye muscle surgery. A 1 day Post Operative appointment is needed for intra-ocular procedures.

Patient or parent responsibilities:

a. Notify office of any changes to insurance. b. Be conscious of your deductibles & coinsurance requirements.  c. Notify office of Address /phone number changes. d. Notify office of any Medical history changes. e. Notify office of Primary care physician changes.

We understand that children at times have unpredictable illness. Notify the office of any illness or to cancel surgery as soon as possible. This will allow another patient the opportunity to move up their surgical date. Dr. Nick Sala performs surgery at the following facilities:

Allegheny Health Network: Saint Vincent Surgery Center(opens in a new tab)
Village SurgiCenter of Erie(opens in a new tab)
UPMC Hamot Surgery Center(opens in a new tab)


Our Team is committed to your child’s eye health

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