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Erie’s Trusted Name in Children’s Eye Care

About Pediatric Ophthalmology of Erie, Inc.

Pediatric Ophthalmology of Erie, Inc., the office of Dr. Nicholas Sala, has been in existence for 30 years. We see children with medical eye conditions. This may include, amblyopia (one eye does not see as well as the other), misaligned eyes (strabismus) including esotropia, exotropia, hypertropia, nerve palsies, ptosis (droopy eyelid), cataracts, glaucoma, blocked tear ducts and retinopathy of prematurity (condition in babies born prematurely).

Here at Pediatric Ophthalmology of Erie, Inc., Dr. Wesley Cox specializes in children’s eye exams. He works in conjunction with Dr. Sala in treating children with medical eye conditions. Dr. Cox allows the practice to keep children that would normally have been graduated to stay with the practice. Dr. Cox also sees the older children that have failed a vision screening where amblyopia may be suspected. This would include children up to the age of 10 that have failed a vision screening and amblyopia may be indicated.

Although we are primarily pediatric eye care providers, we also specialize in adults with strabismus and diplopia (double vision). The causes of adult strabismus may include acquired conditions like thyroid/Graves’ disease, neurological problems/Stroke, trauma, retinal detachments, diplopia after cataract surgery, myasthenia gravis, and nystagmus. If you are an adult and you had to patch one eye as a child you may eventually develop an eye misalignment. If you find yourself closing one eye to see, you may have diplopia and require a prism in/on your glasses, or may even need strabismus surgery. We can help with these conditions. If you know an adult with double vision or a misaligned eye, please tell them we can help.

Pediatric Ophthalmology of Erie also employs two orthoptists. Orthoptists are physician extenders who specialize in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of binocular vision disorders (using both eyes together). Orthoptics is a discipline dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of defective eye movements/coordination such as nystagmus, convergence insufficiency, poor depth perception and amblyopia. There are only approximately 250 orthoptists in the United States, and two of them are right here in Erie, PA!

If your child has failed a vision screening and you suspect they may need further eye care, Pediatric Ophthalmology of Erie can help. Request your first appointment with us today and let us help you get your child’s vision the care it needs.


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