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Pediatric Chalazion Treatment

A chalazion is a small, usually painless lump or swelling that appears on the eyelid. It’s caused by a blocked oil gland in the eyelid that doesn’t drain properly. Sometimes, when a chalazion is small, it can resolve on its own. More commonly, though, a chalazion will require treatment from a qualified ophthalmologist.

Chalazia can affect individuals of all ages, including children. While typically not serious, chalazia can cause discomfort and may impact vision if left untreated. At Pediatric Ophthalmology of Erie, our dedicated team of eye care specialists is committed to providing the highest quality care for kids with chalazia.

If you suspect your child has a chalazion, or if you have any concerns about their eye health, our pediatric ophthalmologists are here to help!


Boy with a chalzion on his eye

Chalazion Surgery in Erie: Ophthalmologist Near Me

Chalazion Symptoms & Pediatric Eye Surgery

The primary symptom of a chalazion is a small lump on the eyelid that may start as an inflamed area, similar to a stye. Over time, this area can grow into a cyst-like lump. While a chalazion is generally not painful, it can cause eyelid tenderness, increased tearing, a feeling of something being in the eye, and even blurry vision if the chalazion is large enough.

At Pediatric Ophthalmology of Erie, we offer several treatment options for chalazion, depending upon the size, location, and severity. Initially, we often recommend conservative treatments like warm compresses and lid massages. Applying a warm compress to the affected area several times a day can help unblock the oil gland and drain the chalazion, and lid massages gently encourage the blocked oils to escape.

If conservative treatments don't work, we might prescribe medicated eye drops or injections. When the chalazion is persistent, causing significant discomfort, or affecting vision, a minor surgical procedure might be required. This procedure involves making a small incision to remove the contents of the chalazion. The surgery is typically performed under local anesthesia and has a high success rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a chalazion be prevented?

Teaching your children and teenagers good eye hygiene practices is the most effective way to help them prevent a chalazion. Make sure they understand the importance of washing their hands thoroughly before touching their eyes, and if they wear contacts, before handling them. It's also crucial to teach them to clean their face properly before bedtime to remove any dirt or sweat from the day. If your teen uses eye makeup, encourage them to remove it before bed and be aware of expiration dates. Plus, instilling these habits early can help your child maintain their overall eye health.

What kind of chalazion medication is available?

If it hasn't responded to more conservative options, our ophthalmologists most commonly prescribe steroid drops or injections to help reduce the size of a chalazion. We might also suggest antibiotic medications if your child has an infection, but chalazia are more commonly caused by trapped oil and not bacteria. We will assess your child’s individual needs to determine the best treatment plan for them.

Will my insurance cover chalazion treatment near me?

At Pediatric Ophthalmology of Erie, we are proud to accept a number of major insurance plans [LINK] from providers in the region. We strive to make healthcare more accessible and affordable for our patients so that they can receive the highest quality of care, which is why we also suggest calling your provider before scheduling. This helps to ensure that you don't incur any surprise costs.

How can I get started with the best pediatric eye surgeons in Erie, PA?

Our easy-to-use online tool makes scheduling an appointment with us simple and convenient. Alternatively, if you prefer a more personal touch or need any assistance, we are just a phone call away. Our friendly team is always ready to help set up your child's visit and answer any of your questions!

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