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Upon arrival to our building please be aware that we are on the third floor (3rd). You should see a big green frog when you get off of the elevator. There are 3 Dr. Sala’s in this building, Dr. Nicholas A. Sala is a Pediatric Specialist. Dr. Sala’s two brothers have an office on the 2nd floor. They are general ophthalmologists. As a pediatric ophthalmologist, Dr. Nick Sala’ specializes in strabismus (eye misalignments) and because of this he does see adults with conditions associated with eye misalignments.

New patients and established patients having their eyes dilated should plan on being here for 1 to 2 hours. Don’t worry you can read a magazine or a book, watch a movie or play in the play house! Please bring all of your insurance cards with you.

If your insurance requires a co-payment, it will be collected prior to the visit. We apologize to the people that find this offensive but, it has cut down tremendously on our having to send statements every month for co-payments.

When you call to make your appointment or if you are referred by another doctor we will do our best to make your appointment for as soon as possible. You will be asked if you would like to be placed on our cancellation list. Depending on the reason for your visit and the type of insurance you are covered by, we will make your appointment with the doctor that we feel best suits your needs. Please keep in mind that Dr. Nicholas Sala is the only pediatric ophthalmologist in Erie.

Please bring sunglasses if appropriate for the weather. Adults should bring a driver to appointments in which they will be dilated. If you currently wear glasses please bring them with you, if you wear contact lenses please bring a case to put them in. If you are a new patient and a contact lens wearer, please bring your Rx from your contact lenses or the boxes in which they come. Lists of current medications are also helpful.

Welcome to the office and we hope that your experience here is a pleasant one.

Patients with Low Vision

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